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Garden City Skyline CD
  • Garden City Skyline CD
  • Garden City Skyline CD
  • Garden City Skyline CD
  • Garden City Skyline CD
  • Garden City Skyline CD
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Their first recording in over 20 years features songs written and sung by all five members of the band. Orders are handled securely through PayPal, and shipping is free in the U.S. (Canadian and overseas orders will incur a shipping fee at checkout).   Please allow 6-8 business days for shipping within the Continental U.S.

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TheFamous Motel Cowboys ride again...and again.. I was privileged to be in attendance for their live shows in Boise this summer, when the boys were previewing this new Super album...(CD,Vinyl,tape they will always be Albums)....I've been a fan of the band, their music and especially the members for over 20 years... They are like a fine wine that has aged to perfection...(you may substitute Tequila if you like ). Each member has written 2 songs...and each is unique to itself..played with love by all....I was, and am still impressed by these ol' Pard's of mine. Your ear hole will appreciate you giving this wonderful music a long hard listen. Then play it again for the other ear......

Regards, Phil Kaufman Nov. 2013
Road Mangler Deluxe
Road Mangler to the Great & near Great

All of the Motel Cowboys albums are available for download at Cd Baby, Amazon, and other online outlets.

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